April 29th 2017

Today I swept the garden in preparation for the first barbecue of the summer, and our first barbecue in our new home. It’s not until Sunday night but I have to sweep the garden because Alice’s dad is coming round with a jetwash tomorrow morning to, y’know… jet wash it.

I was going to say that I spent the evening being the man of the house, because I swept the garden and put all of the leaves and crap into a bin bag, but I’ve also just said that I’m getting my would-be, one-day, father-in-law to come round and jet wash my garden for me. It is worth pointing out, though, that he really likes using the jet wash and has just been looking for a reason to get it out.

I’m not sure I can ever get behind that mindset of enjoying something like that. I was sweeping the garden, and I don’t know if what I was feeling was ‘enjoyment‘. I was doing it because I had to, not because I want to. That’s how I feel about most things I have to do around the house to be fair – what kind of nutcase enjoys doing the washing up?

I’m looking forward to my debut barbecue, if not slightly overwhelmed by the thought. I feel like that’s a rite of passage a man must go through before he’s allowed to be an official bloke. I have to host and execute a barbecue without another man touching my prongs. Because if you share the prongs then you share the the barbecue, and then you have failed the test.

That reminds me…

Until tomorrow, I should probably go buy some prongs…



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