April 30th 2017

Today Alice and I hosted our first barbecue of the summer, the first barbecue in our new house, and our first barbecue… ever.

I took it as an assessment of my ability to be the man of the house. It was a test of my masculinity. I think I passed.

I was told that a proper barbecue should not be just burgers and sausages, but it needs a central, focus piece, or a focal centre piece. Because I’m not ambitious enough to attempt butterflied lamb, I went for spatchcocked chicken.


It was gooooood.

Of course, even though we had the chicken centrepiece we didn’t forget about the traditionals. We did sausages, and home-made beef burgers. The burgers were made with caramelised onion and garlic, and only one of them completely fell apart when I tried to barbecue it.

The weird thing about being the man in charge of the barbecue is that you kind of forget to eat. It’s like my Mum on Christmas day… she spends so much time faffing around serving everyone’s food and making sure everything is okay that by the time she remembers to sit down to eat she’s not even hungry anymore. It’s like that, except I’m always hungry.

You do forget to eat though, because you’re concentrating on your timings, and on whether everyone’s got food, and what needs turning, and then there’s the non-BBQ stuff like potatoes and stuffed peppers and the buns need buttering.


Thankfully, for the non-BBQ stuff I had Alice to help, I just had to cook the meat. And, I think I did a pretty good job of it.

I’m treating this barbecue as a bit of a practice run. Hopefully I’ll have many this summer. It didn’t really matter if anything went wrong for this one, because it was only a few of our mates. It’s just practice for the big one where I host a barbecue for my Dad. Then I’ve really got to impress. I might get the lamb out that time.

One thing I learnt from a barbecue with my friends is that I’m old. We’re all old. That’s a grownup thing to do. This group of my friends was drinking Strongbow on park benches together at fifteen (ignore that, Mum) and now it’s almost ten years later and we’re having a bank holiday barbecue in mine and Alice’s first house. Aaron and Laura-Jayne are moving to Reading, and Andy’s just got a job in Coventry.

Until tomorrow, we’re all moving up and on, and away.


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