May 1st 2017

Today I went to Wales for a bank holiday round of golf. I’m not 100% sure but I’m fairly certain that the sole purpose of bank holidays is to give everyone an opportunity to go out and play golf. Having a round of golf is the only thing worth doing on May-day bank holiday, I think it’s like the law or something.

They say that a bank holiday is to give a holiday to the banks, or it’s something to do with labour unions, but really it’s just to make sure that public golf courses stay funded. It’s ironic, because if Jeremy Corbyn gets voted as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom he’s said we can all have four more bank holidays – that’s four more days of golf – but golf is like the most Tory sport, and Jezza is Labour leader (for now). 


It was the first time I’d swung a club this year. When I got my clubs out of the shed there were literal cobwebs on them – that’s how long it’s been since I’ve played golf.


I played pretty well though. Very well, in fact. I was playing with a group of mates I went to University with, and between the four of us there is always two distinct tiers. Me and Sam are in the upper echelon, and Daryl and Ross are in the lower echelon. Traditionally there ends up being a bit of a competition within the competition of who wins out of me and Sam and who wins out of Ross and Daryl. Our basic scoring system is: if you win the hole you win a point, if you tie the hole with someone(s) else you each get half a point.


I’ve not beaten Sam in a long time. I’ve always said, and will continue to say, that golf is my sport. They’re all better than me at football and darts and tennis and pool, but golf is my sport. I’m just never consistently good enough to get the win.

I got the win today though.

I was pretty consistently good, I parred 6 holes, and on the holes I did not-so-well on I was fortunate that Daryl and Ross were having good rounds too, so they managed to nick the points off Sam if I wasn’t in contention. I was 2 points up with 2 holes to play after the 16th. On the 17th I didn’t do so well, but Ross and Sam tied the hole, meaning I was 1.5 up with 1 to play, and I won without having the pressure of sinking the winning put.

Until tomorrow, a win is a win.


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