May 4th 2017

Today I broke my 1km personal best and found out I’m £43,000 in debt – an eventful Thursday.

I went out at lunch to run sprint intervals. I wanted a ‘burnout’ session, where I just ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I needed something like that today. I’ve been slacking with my runs lately, so I needed to flat-out, burn-out sprint. It went pretty well. I scooped up a couple of PRs and ran my fastest ever consecutive kilometre – 3 minutes 43 seconds. It’s both depressing and motivating to know that people can run a mile in 3 minutes and 43 seconds. (A mile is 1.6 times the length of a kilometre, by the way.)

I was happy with my run because I’d placed pretty well on the segment leaderboard for the intervals we were doing. Out of 175 people to have attempted the segment, I was sixth. At least I was sixth until Ross at work decided to edit one of his runs to put him above me in the leaderboard, so technically I’m now seventh. Thanks Ross.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 22.36.13.png

I’ve recently realised that I’m on the wrong student loan repayment scheme, so today I logged into my student finance account to investigate. I owe them £43,033.22. That kinda put a downer on my day.

That loan paid for a degree that I’m not even using, and I’ll be paying it off for the next 30 years. Very depressing. I’ve always kind of known that my student loan was there, and I started paying it back last year, but because I’d never seen the number in writing before it was hard for me to visualise. I didn’t previously feel like it was a big red minus sign hanging over my head, but now I’m starting to a little bit…

FullSizeRender 111.jpg

Until tomorrow, it was a day of ups and downs…



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