May 5th 2017

Today I got screwed over by the shuffle button again. I’ve been waiting to listen to Logic’s new album – Everybody – for months, and it finally came out today. I started listening to the first song at work, but decided to wait for my commute home to listen to it properly. I got 3 or 4 songs into the album and thought… ‘To be honest, I’m not loving this…’

I gave it a couple of more songs until I realised what had happened. I knew that the second song on the album featured Ansel Elgort, but I didn’t hear his voice until about song 6, and that’s when I realised I’d been screwed over by the shuffle button again.

This happened the last time I was excited about an album too: fillingmyblanks.com/shuffle. 

I also realised how influenced I am by reviews I read online. The only two tweets I saw about the album before I’d listened to it both said ‘I’m kind of disappointed by this’ or similar. And when I was listening to it, I was letting those reviews guide my opinion in a way. That’s why I don’t like to hear too much about about a film, or read any reviews or watch the trailer before I go to watch it. I like to be able to form my own opinions on it, rather than being swayed by what I’ve read.

And that kind of happened with the album today. Well, it did, it just turns out the album was on shuffle.

I’ve said this before, but listening to an album on shuffle is like watching a film out of order, or reading a random pages of a book and then reading another random one and so on until you’ve finished it. The album was mastered in that order, so it should be consumed in that order.

I’m planning on going for a longish run tomorrow with the sole intention of listening to the album properly before I can form a proper opinion.

Until tomorrow, don’t let me down, Bobby.


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