May 6th 2017

Today Alice and I prepared to start a new diet. We spent like an hour sat together figuring out what we can eat that fits both of our aims. Alice has been told by a dietician that changing what she eats might help her stomach pains, considering that there’s nothing the doctors can do anymore. She’s been told to keep a food diary to try and see what makes the pain worse etc.

I’m trying to change my diet to eat basically high protein and high carbs, and we’re both cutting down on sugar and fats.

We’ve never eaten badly, Alice is a good cook so we have a homemade dinner every night, we just need to start being more careful about what goes in the dinners.

At the moment, the main issue I have is breakfast. All I can think of to have for breakfast is cereal, and cereal is so boring. I’d happily eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every day, but I start work pretty early and I’m not 100% sure you can cook bacon and eggs in the microwave.

Alice has suggested that we start having fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast. If she knew me at all she’d know what a ridiculous suggestion that is. I haven’t eaten a piece of fruit since I was four years old and my Mum mashed up bananas with sugar and spoon fed it to me from a yellow plastic bowl. I think the closest I’ve come is that one time Alice and I went strawberry picking and she made me lick one of them – under duress.

I don’t eat fruit. Until I was 14 I didn’t eat vegetables. I’ve always had a weird relationship with food, insofar as I love it, but I don’t like any of it. I can just about get behind spinach and broccoli, but any kind of fruit is going to be a struggle.

That being said, I’m a 23 year old man(child), I should be able to drink a fruit smoothie. Although, I’ve been this way all my life and it’s not done me any harm so far (externally, at least).

Alice’s struggle is with lunch – because she hates making lunch. Part of this diet is to make fresh healthy cooked lunches to take to work with us every day to stop us (me) buying a Subway every time I can’t be arsed to make lunch.

So we had to sit down for an age and meal plan. It’s always annoying, but it’s kind of necessary.

I’m trying to eat better to improve my half-marathon training. I’m hoping a proper diet will give me more energy, desire, and strength – if that’s not too much to ask. So that’s why I’m loading up on carbs and protein. I’ve never really appreciated the nutritional aspect of training before, I’ve always just thought ‘run more, fun faster, run longer’ but sometimes you need a little bit of help.

Today Eliud Kipchoge ‘broke’ the world record by running a 2:00:25 marathon. I say ‘broke’ in inverted commas because it can’t count as an official marathon attempt because there were pacers and calorie drinks. The event was put on as part of Nike’s #Breaking2 campaign to do the impossible and get a man to run a sub 2 hour marathon. The current world record is 2:02:57. As well as the science and technology (and the ability of the runner) a massive part of the preparation for that event is nutritional.

And I’m not saying a proper diet will help me break a 2 hour marathon, but hopefully it will help get me a 1hr 45 half-marathon.

Until tomorrow, just eat it.



9 thoughts on “Diet

  1. My kids eat some veggies, but I’m a sneaky mom. One of my tricks is to cook veggies in spaghetti sauce, then use hand blender to puree it. They love it, and have no idea that there’s all kinds of goodies in there. 😉

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