May 7th 2017

Today my day can be split into six parts that can be split almost equally into two parts on food and sport – and socks.

I woke up and went for a run. It was neither as far nor as fast as it was supposed to be.FullSizeRender 112.jpg

I came home and made breakfast. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: grated cheese is an underrated accompaniment to poached eggs.


We tidied the house and got ready to go out. I staged my daily protest against bilateral symmetry.


We went to out to celebrate my sister’s birthday. I watched the first half of the football on an iPhone screen.


We moved from one pub to another, and the second pub had Sky, so we watched the second half there. They also gave out free roast potatoes and that made it instantly my new favourite pub.


We came home from the pub and made our lunches for the week. Tomorrow begins our first week on the new diet, so we had to be very strict on ingredients. There was a lot of food.


Today was one of those days where a lot of stuff happened, but no thing actually happened, you know… other than it being my sister’s birthday.

Until tomorrow, happy birthday K.



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