May 10th 2017

Today we sat and had dinner outside. Because why not? It’s May, the sun was still out at 7pm and we’ve got a nice patio garden that we don’t use nearly enough. It’s basically summer, after all.

It’s weird what a bit of sunlight can do to my perception of life. A few months ago it was dark when I left work and dark when I got home, and I was depressed because I felt like my entire evening was gone before it had even started. I’d get home, eat dinner, do the washing up, sit down and my day would be almost over.

Now, I get home, eat dinner, do the washing up, sit down and it feels like I’ve still got the rest of the day ahead of me!


Pesto and creme fraiche chicken, with rice and leaves.

Today we even spent an extra hour of our evening cooking lunches for the rest of the week, and we did a load of washing and put it on the line, and we cleaned out the hamster cage, and I still had time to sit down, watch an entire football match and come up to bed before 10pm.

One night next week I might even have a midweek barbecue, because who would stop me? No one. That’ll be nice, and with any luck we’ll have a whole summer of this.

That’s optimistic I know, but I’m feeling optimistic.

Until tomorrow, it’s all because of a little bit of sunshine.



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