May 12th 2017

Today I found out there’s a typo on the third line of my novel. Alice picked it up to start reading it and she said to me ‘Don’t be mad, but did you know there’s a type on the third line?’

No. I didn’t know. I have been over that thing with a fucking toothcomb so many times and I missed a type on the fucking third line. I’ve paid the best part of one hundred pounds to get that thing printed twenty times, and in all twenty copies there is a typo on the third line.

That’s a fucking travesty.

It says ‘I could catch up with the it at the stop outside…’

I could catch up with the it at the stop outside…
I could catch up with the it at the stop outside…
I cOuLd cAtCh UP wItH tHe IT aT THe sTOp oUTsiDe…

The third line.

I spent the rest of my evening going through the novel and scribbling over it with a green pen. I’ve done this four times now. I do this every few months. And I still missed a typo on the third fucking line.


It’s not ready. It will never be ready.

I’ve given copies to people. I’ve sold copies to people. I’ve been thinking about self-publishing it on Blurb. AND THERE’S A TYPO IN THE THIRD FUCKING LINE.

I’ve been through it so many times that I think I’ve become immune to spotting typos. Alice just picked it up and it was the first thing she saw. So since then I’ve been looking for more.

I think it’s fair to say that the last time I checked through it I wasn’t as good, or as careful a writer as I am now. I’ve been writing as my job for almost a year now, so I think I’ve learnt a bit more about it. But a typo is not bad writing, it’s carelessness.

I’ve sent that out to agents. No wonder I didn’t get any fucking responses. I doubt they even got to the end of the fourth line.

Until tomorrow, the third line for fuck sake.



9 thoughts on “Typo

  1. Don’t sweat it, no book will be perfect. This is exactly what the revision process is for and I’m assuming that this isn’t the only book you plan on writing. Good luck and congrats on finishing the novel, that’s way more than most people do.


  2. Paperback copies are brilliant for spotting errors. I have started getting just one when I think the book is ready, and I find loads of mistakes. Sounds like you have a good beta reader there too!


  3. Hey, I designed a cover image for one of my free short stories, and didn’t realize there was a typo in the subtitle on that image — and it was in my main character’s name! AAARGH. The thing that saved the situation (before I corrected it) was that the subtitle’s font isn’t the most legible one in the world. But I know how you must have felt when that typo was pointed out.


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