May 13th 2017

Today I finalised issue four of my monthly online magazine and it’s the best one yet. I’m really proud of this one. I said that about the last one, I know, but I just looked through it and it looks so cool, and so professional. It’s weird, but my favourite thing about this issue is that two of the articles end with italicised paragraphs.

That doesn’t sound cool but give me a second to explain…

One of the articles talks about this old Wrestler, his life, and his comeback. And at the end of the article it says ‘‘The Resurrection of Jake the Snake’ is available now on Netflix…’

And to me that makes it look like a proper magazine. That’s something you see in real magazines. You see an interview with Hugh Jackman and then at the end there’s an italicised footnote that says ‘Wolverine 7 is now out in theatres’. 

We’ve put a lot of effort into the design, and I think this issue looks the best out of any of them, but I also think it’s the little things like the italicised footnote that makes me so proud of this one. Because it’s starting to feel like a real magazine.

This issue is also the longest one so far.  Last month I only had 7 articles, and I wrote one of those myself. But this month I have 10 articles contributed for the magazine. And that’s without anything from three of the regular contributors who have been tied up in coursework this month. This month has three first-time contributors, and I’ve already been contacted by another person who is interested in writing for next month’s issue.

That takes me up to fourteen writers. I’m going to run out of room on the contributors page.

The last three issues have been 24 pages long each. This one is 36 pages long. That’s a 50% increase.

I’m so happy. I started this project not really knowing how well it would go, but it’s going amazingly. Honestly, I don’t even care if anyone even reads the bloody thing.

Until tomorrow, it’s just so cool to have it made.



The next issue will be uploaded and released tomorrow. To read previous issues of FEED Magazine, visit

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 22.49.22.png

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