May 16th 2017

Today I released the fourth issue of my monthly online magazine. @feedthemag is a pop culture magazine with articles on sport, film, fashion, food, tech and more. This month’s issue celebrates all kinds of comeback stories:


Sometimes Easter is in March, sometimes it is in May, and sometimes it is in April, I’m almost 100% sure that it has never been in February. No one is (probably) really sure why the date changes each year. Before the internet, the only way of knowing was to ask your Nan or to count the number of full moons before and after the Vernal Equinox (or some shit). Now you just type ‘Easter’ into Google and it tells you the date. This year, Easter was in April.

The story of Easter is effectively the greatest comeback story of all time. As such, April’s edition of FEED is all about comeback stories. In sportsFEED We discuss footballing comebacks in Brighton (page 14) and Tottenham (page 16), Sebastian Vettel’s return to F1 (page 10) and the revival of WWE’s Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts (page 12).

Elsewhere, we have tips for the return of barbecue season (page 4), tracksuits (page 18) and theNokia 3310 (page 22). Also look out for, M Night (page 34), Nintendo (page 26), and Kendrick Lamar (page 30) very nearly rising from the dead on Easter Sunday.

Until tomorrow, please take a look at


Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 19.09.53.png


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