May 17th 2017

Today I went to the theatre to watch ‘Sweet Charity’. (okay technically I went to watch it yesterday but I had to blog about my magazine yesterday so I’m blogging about it today instead) 


Although theatre shows are not normally ‘my thing’ it’s now the second time I’ve been to see the local theatrical society put on a show. My Grandad likes it, and he knows someone in the show so I go along with him so he’s got someone to go with. We went and saw Mikado a few months ago. This time we saw Sweet Charity, and Alice came along too.

Mikado was more of an Opera (I think) whereas Sweet Charity is more of a stageshow. There was more acting and narrative in this one, which I enjoyed. I said in my review of Mikado that I don’t find song a particularly efficient method of storytelling, and that’s still true.

I enjoyed Mikado more than I thought I would, and I enjoyed Sweet Charity more than that. (Helped partly by the fact the plot is based around burlesque dancers) There also seemed to be more plot and story to this one, and it was one that I could actually follow – even when the songs got in the way.

Spoiler alert, but I wasn’t exactly sure why Charity and Oscar broke up in the penultimate scene of the show. I get that it was to show Charity’s growth from a completely unindependent (dependent?) broad (her words, not mine) to a self-sufficient functioning member of society, but I don’t get why they had to break up for her to realise that. And I don’t get why he slut shamed her then pushed her into a lake.

That was odd.


Mikado had more impressive set pieces than Sweet Charity (I think that’s the right word) and the set design (now unsure if that was the right word) was more intricate, but Sweet Charity had a better story. I was surprised to find that I actually knew a couple of the songs from Sweet Charity, notably ‘HEY BIG SPENDER’ which I now understand is about punters in a brothel (or as good as).

All in all, I can’t believe I’ve got to the point in my life where I’m comparing the merits of operatic theatre production.

Until tomorrow, I’m getting old.



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