May 19th 2017

Today I cooked steak on the barbecue for the first time. In the past month or so I’ve got really into barbecuing – and by that I mean I’ve used it three times. I actually enjoy it. I usually cook on Fridays, and I’d planned to do steak and chips, and could see absolutely no problem with cooking the steaks on the barbecue. Any excuse.

Since the first time I cooked steak for Alice and I (apparently the best thing I’ve ever cooked) I’ve tried it a few more times, with increasingly expensive cuts of meat. The first time was just a sirloin from Aldi, the second was a rump from Tesco, we even tried a ribeye from Marks and Spencer, and then a rump from the local butcher. Each time Alice has not enjoyed it as much as that first time. (I liked the butcher’s rump) 

Today though, I topped it. I got Alice a fillet of steak (£29 per kg) and I had a rump (not as nice a cut, but you get more of it). 

Having never cooked steak on the barbecue before, I wasn’t really sure on the timings. Usually a fillet would be three minutes on each side to get it how Alice likes it, and 2 minutes each side on the rump, but that’s in a frying pan. A barbecue was a whole other ball game.

Of course any good barbecutionist would be able to know when to flip the steaks off the top of his head, but I had to use my running watch to set a timer for how long each side had been cooked.



Alice said hers was perfect, so I guess I did pretty well. If I’m being harsh, mine was slightly overcooked, but it’s all a learning process.

The finished product turned out pretty good. I served it with broccoli, garlic chips and a mustard/creme fraiche sauce type thing.

Until tomorrow, I want to eat it again.



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