May 20th 2017

Today I’m at a Premierr Inn in Cheltenham. We’ve come for a birthday night out for one of my old workmates. 

Somehow, we got free pints in the first two pubs we went in. Josh, the birthday boy, found this app that gave us each a free beer in various pubs around Cheltenham. So we just walked the streets looking for them. 

The first one was weird. There were live Warhammer games (battles?) and as well as live music, a craft fair, a clothes shop and a barbecue. 

It was… Not the kind of scene that a group of boys such as ourselves belonged at. We were getting looks. Free beer though. 

We left that pub after our one free beer, and left to find our next free beer. 

I’m not sure how he managed to get us free beer, but he did. 

At one point, we were stood in the middle of Cheltenham town centre, all huddled in a circle over our phones, signing up to the next pub’s free drink with fake email addresses (it was supposed to be one pint per person but the app didn’t really think through their validation) 

After one more (unsuccessful) attempt at a free beer we did what any group of young lads in search of cheap (preferably free) beer would do. 

We went to Wetherspoons. 

Wetherspoons is one of the finest establishments of this great nation.

You can get a beer, chips, and a pint of thacthers of five British pounds and it will get to your table before you do. If that doesn’t put the ‘great’ in ‘Great Britain’ then I honestly don’t know what does. 

Now, we’re off to a nightclub where one drink will cost more than I paid for a meal and a beer. 

Until tomorrow, it’s J.D. Wetherspoons’ world, we’re just living in it. 


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