May 22nd 2017

Today I’m going to write another blog post about my barbecue. I swear that’s like three in a week. If you’re getting bored of these by now, then feel free to just come back tomorrow when I probably won’t be having a barbecue.

It was homemade burgers this time, and I got a bit adventurous with the recipe.


Meat, bacon, chives, salt, pepper, oregano, and asafoetida – whatever that is.

Mix it together, lump it into a patty and chuck it on the barbecue.

I know I keep going on about it, but I’m really enjoying cooking and eating outside. There’s a rose bush in my garden, and a resident robin, and every time I notice both of those things I feel like I’ve turned into my dad.

I served the burgers with cheddar, spinach and a tomato chutney relish.


It was fucking good, although my presentation skills could use some work.

And then the sky went and looked all pretty when the sun was setting.

Until tomorrow, as Monday nights go, it was a pretty good one.



This month’s edition of my online magazine features some recipe tips to spice up your barbecue, check it out at www.feedthemag.co.uk



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