May 26th 2017

Today I had to face up to one of life’s big obstacles: Mechanics. I am inexplicably, inherently distrustful of mechanics. I don’t know what it is. I think it’s because they have more knowledge than me in that one specific area and I don’t trust that. A mechanic could say absolutely anything to me and I’d believe him, because I know that he knows more than me about cars. But the thing is, he also knows that he knows more than me about cars.

For example, I went in to Kwik Fit today. I walked in needing one new tyre, I handed over my keys and the mechanic guy told me I needed two new tyres. So I said ‘okay sure’ and gave him £110 for two new tyres.

That’s not a situation that you can walk away from or barter in. When you walk into a shop and you get a super pushy sales assistant you can say ‘oh I’m just browsing’ and you have no obligation to buy anything. When you go to a mechanic you have no choice. I couldn’t just walk out of there with no tyres. I need tyres. And he knows I need tyres. So he could have said ‘one tyre’ ‘two tyres’ ‘four tyres’ or ‘nine tyres’ and I still would’ve handed over my debit card.

And he knows that.

Until tomorrow, that’s why I don’t trust mechanics.



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