June 2nd 2017

Today I surprised Alice with a trip to Cardiff to see a George Ezra gig. I bought the tickets two months ago, and she didn’t know a thing about it. He’s her favourite artist currently, and it was difficult to keep it a secret. I told her that I had a half day at work and that we were going to go to IKEA, but before we left I told her the truth – that I’d got tickets to his gig in Cardiff.

We drove there, had a fancy dinner, went to the gig, and then drove back. I would’ve booked a hotel, except it’s the Champions League Final in Cardiff tomorrow, so all of the hotels were at least £300 per night – which seemed on the upwards end of excessive. So, after the gig finished we walked back to the car and drove the 90 miles home – via a McDonalds.

As such, it’s been a long day and I’m absolutely shattered, so please forgive me for this post’s brevity. I’m just going to dump all of the photos I took today below, go to sleep, and then I’ll do a writeup on the gig tomorrow.


Until tomorrow, spoiler alert, it was very good.



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