June 6th 2017

Today we booked a holiday to Rhodes in September. We’ve been trying to book a holiday for a while, but have put it off for various reasons. Tonight we just went ahead and did it.

I’ve never been to Greece before. Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 22.09.27In fact, this will be the furthest east I’ve travelled, and another country to tick off the list. I’ve got this subconscious goal of visiting every European country within my lifetime, and Greece will take me up to 22 out of the 51 European countries. I’m doing quite well so far, but I’m not even half way. It’s the Ks, the Ls, and the Ms that are holding me back.

So far, I’ve mainly done Western and Central Europe, but I need to go East and North. Greece is a start though, and I’m kind of tempted to get a boat over to Turkey whilst I’m there. Although there’s some vague strand of a memory in my mind that is telling me that some part of modern history suggests that that’s either going to be a bad idea, or impossible.

I feel like I’ve not been away for ages, but in reality I went skiing in March.

I’ve been wanderlusting hard recently, though. So I think another trip away is very much required.

Alice and I have visited 15 countries together, but crazily enough this will be our first ‘pool holiday’. By which I mean, it’ll be the first holiday where we plan on doing nothing but drinking cocktails and swimming. We’re usually prone to slightly more cultured, exploratory-type holidays, but this time we’ve gone 4*, all inclusive, maximum relaxation.

Although that being said, there is still a lot of culture in Rhodes. As well as (I’m assuming) a load of water based activities that I’ll be far more likely to partake in than Alice.

Until tomorrow, I am very excited.



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