June 7th 2017

Today I gave a cat a hug and immediately regretted it. The thing is, I’m allergic to cats, but I also really like cats. Do you see why that would be a problem? We went round Alice’s mum and dad’s house for the evening, and they’ve got two cats. On my way to the bathroom I gave one of the cats a little cuddle, and began to itch almost straight away.

I knew that it would make me itch, but I went ahead and gave her a snuggle anyway. I couldn’t resist, look at her… she’s just s’cute…

FullSizeRender 124.jpg

On a deeper level, it’s pretty indicative of my destructive personality. Like sure, I knew that stroking the cat was going to be a bad idea in the long run, but it was fun in the moment. And that’s how I tend to think: in the moment.

Although I do think about the future in some senses, my actions are usually pretty impulsive. It’s why I’ve never been any good at saving money, because I’d always rather have fun now, than have fun later.

For example, I actually did start a savings account last month. After each paycheck I put some money into the savings account, but then yesterday I went and booked on a holiday and wiped it out. I just want to live my life and enjoy it, really. And if that means having itches to scratch because I wanted to hug a cat, then I’m fine with that. Because, as previously mentioned, she is so cute.

Until tomorrow, look at her little face…



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