June 10th 2017

Today my Mum and Dad came round for a barbecue. This was the main event. All of the barbecues I’ve done over the past few weeks have been in preparation for tonight. When I’ve hosted my friends for barbecues, I’ve said that it was just a warmup for the night that I hosted my Mum and Dad.

I think it went pretty well.

Alice and I prepared a mezze/meat/bread/board as a starter. Finger food like that is an ideal starter IMO. The only problem with it is that you kind of have to keep it eating it. Even if you’ve had enough, if there’s still meat and cheese left then you must eat the meat and cheese until there is no longer any meat and cheese left. That’s the rules.

FullSizeRender 129.jpg

When we were dishing up the mezze board we realised how underprepared we are to host guests – especially when we’re trying to be fancy. The mezze board was served on our chopping board, and we didn’t have any ramekins for the olives so we served them in espresso glasses. We tried to make balsamic and olive oil but we didn’t have any olive oil so we used vegetable oil (which is nearly the same thing) and again we didn’t have any ramekins so we served it in a teacup.

For mains I barbecued chicken kebabs, which were coated in my own personal marinade concoction. My secret is that I basically just empty my spice rack into a bowl, mix in some lemon juice and call it a marinade. Mum says that I take after her when it comes to cooking, because she never follows recipes or anything – she just goes with the flow.


Of course, it rained. But that didn’t stop me. You might be able to tell from the picture, but the two kebabs on the far left are slightly different. Their marinades included a little bit of chilli powder. Dad and I like it a little bit hotter than Mum and Alice.

We served the kebabs with cous cous and feta stuffed peppers, mixed salad leaves, and pittas. Plus whatever was left over from the starter, because as we have learnt… if there’s still meat and cheese left then you must eat the meat and cheese until there is no longer any meat and cheese left.FullSizeRender 128.jpg

I think the dinner went well, which is nice considering I was partly responsible. It’s always nice not to fuck things up. Although, I forgot to buy tzatziki and I thought the chicken was slightly overcooked, but no one else mentioned anything. I guess they wouldn’t.

After dinner we played some games, and I was reminded where I get my competitive streak from. We played a game, similar to dominoes, where you have to match up the famous person with their a description of their job, or their nationality etc. (See an obvious answer below:)

FullSizeRender 130.jpg

Of course, it was a Norman family board game so it got a bit feisty. I noticed my Dad’s desire to win when he tried to tell us with full confidence that Monty Don was an actor. He hoped that none of us would know the truth – I certainly believed him, but Mum pointed that he’s actually a TV Gardener. Nice try, Dad.

It was a nice evening. When they arrived, they brought cake, wine and flowers. It felt like a proper, grownup dinner party. And I guess it was.

That’s weird.

Until tomorrow, fun though!




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