June 12th 2017

Today is mine and Alice’s anniversary. Although we’ve been together since we were 13 (almost ten years ago) we’ve had breakups here and there, so we’ve never really celebrated anniversaries officially. Today marks the first time we’ve reached three concurrent years without breaking up. So, go us!

I think this was the first time that we’ve got each other anniversary cards, and it’s definitely the first time we’ve woken up together on our anniversary. See, we’ve got a house together now, and we’re building a life together. Maybe we’re celebrating this one more traditionally because this one feels real. Perhaps previously we didn’t celebrate the date because it was arbitrary.

Because we’d broken up and got back together a lot, we’d have some sort of anniversary in September, December, and January, so we never bothered. We acknowledged it but didn’t celebrate it. This one feels real though. This one feels like the final one. That’s why we’re not scared to celebrate this time, because it’s never going to change now. We’re all in.

I’d imagine, the only way this anniversary of us ‘getting together’ will change is when it gets downgraded in importance by a more official anniversary of us ‘getting married’. (no date, nor plans, don’t worry)

My main purpose behind having this blog is so that in 15 or 50 years time I can look back and see where I was at any given time in my life. If I ever look back on today, know that I am happy, and looking forward to seeing where we end up.

We didn’t do anything overly special. We swapped cards and ordered a takeaway. By this point just being together is enough.

Until tomorrow, and it always will be.



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