June 19th 2017

Today’s blog comes in two parts, and both of them are multiples of one hundred.

First, Nine Hundred. 

Yesterday marked 900 consecutive days of daily blog posts here on fillingmyblanks. Since January 1st 2015 (now 901 days ago), I’ve managed to upload a new blog post every single day without fail. From 3 time zones, from 15+ countries, from out at sea, to up mountains, in three separate years of my life. Nine hundred days in a row, and I haven’t missed one.

That’s pretty good going, to be fair. I’ve created a so far pretty comprehensive documented journal of my life since New Year’s Day 2015. In years to come it will allow me to look back on who I was, where I was, where I went, and how I’ve changed.

For example, take two years ago today… I’d just graduated University, and was working at Pizza Hut to save money for a summer interrailing trip around Europe.

One year later, and I’m living with my Mum and Dad, and am a few weeks away from starting my first proper job – copywriting for marketing.

One year later (today), and I’ve almost been at that job for a year, and rent a house with my girlfriend. Two years is a long time, but seeing the change documented so obviously in those two (three?) posts is mental. And that’s kind of the point in this blog, and why so far – 901 days in – I’ve never missed one.

Part two, One Hundred.

A few days ago I wrote a blog about an Empire Film Quiz that I took. It told me that I’d seen 42 out of Empire’s 100 greatest movies. I was pretty disappointed at how low that number was, to be honest. Alice took the quiz as well and got 48. Still not even half way.

Together we decided that we want to have watched all One Hundred of those films by the end of this year.

FullSizeRender 135.jpg

We started today with Guardians of the Galaxy. She’s seen it before, but I hadn’t – and the deal is that we both have to have watched all of them, so I’ve got some catching up to do in places.

I wasn’t massively fond of GotG, but it’s not really my kind of film. It’s too… big. The first act was funny when they could afford to lay the jokes on quite thick, but when they started messing around with huge action sequences and an attempt at a plot, I kind of lost interest. It felt quite slow. Usually big action sequences wouldn’t be defined as ‘slow’ but they just felt kinda pointless, and got in the way of whatever it was they were trying to do with the plot.

It was a funny film, and Chris Pratt was really really good in it – Starlord is hilarious, I just didn’t love it. I gave it a 6/10 because it was enjoyable in parts

I think we’ve got about 65 films to watch to get us up to that magic Hundred. And considering today is the 170th day of the year, that gives us a target of 65 films in 195 days. Which is, handily, exactly one film every three days.

Until tomorrow, that sounds doable.


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