June 21st 2017

Today is traditionally my favourite day of the year. Usually, the day of the summer solstice is my favourite day because it is the most summery of days, even though technically summer doesn’t start until tomorrow. You get the most hours of sunlight, and sunlight makes me happy. It was also 34 degrees.

Except I didn’t get much sleep last night (because of the sunlight and the heat) so I’ve been in a bit of a grump all day. My bad mood lifted at 10pm when we were driving home from Alice’s parents house. There was a road closure so we had to drive the way out of the way long way round that doubled our journey time. That started off as a bad thing, but resulted in one of my favourite things in life.

One of my absolute favourite places to be in life is in the car with Alice, driving somewhere in the sun, singing along to Spotify. I’m a simple man.

The sun set at 9:30 today, and we were out driving for it.


It’s always best when we throw it way way back to the noughties (throwing it back to the noughties may seem an odd concept for some of you)

This Easy 00s Spotify playlist in particular has some absolute bangers.

FullSizeRender 136.jpg

So that’s it. We drove, watched the sunset and sang along to some mid-late 00s indie-pop.

Until tomorrow, that’s all you really need.



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