June 28th 2017

Today I released the fifth issue of my monthly online magazine.

This month, a number of the Feed writers graduated from University. Remembering how that felt, I decided that the theme for May’s issue of Feed Magazine would reflect the feeling that I felt – and I’m sure that they felt – when finishing University: Freedom.

As such, all of the articles in this month’s Feed are an exploration of freedom. We have two new sections in this issue, Sohail walks us through his post-University experience in studentFEED (page 18), and in travelFEED we learn about the independence travel gives us (pages 6 and 8). On the note of independence, we have an exclusive interview with the Spectrum team of independent filmmakers (page 28), and a feature on independent artists in the hip hop industry (page 24).

Elsewhere, we discuss the Bosman ruling and freedom of movement for footballers (page 12), and the (sometimes too much) freedom given to us by video games (page 32).

Again, I’m really happy with what we’ve created. We’re getting a range of different articles from lots of contributors, and I think we’re exploring the possibilities within our design template more and more each month.

I’m also happy to see that the content for this month’s issue has a more personal touch, where people are talking about their own experiences, rather than just their opinions.

We have people talking about their experiences travelling, or at University, or making movies, and this is definitely the most first-person issue yet.

Until tomorrow, it’s really coming along nicely.



You can read this month’s issue of Feed Magazine at, to read all of the previous issues head to



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