June 29th 2017

Today I started looking into how I can promote my magazine. Because I’m the kind of person that lets numbers dictate their life, the first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check the viewing figures on the new issue that went up last night. I think whatever the numbers said, I’d’ve been disappointed in it. One problem is that I don’t really know what I should be expecting, and another problem is that I’ve still not tried to promote it massively.

Up until now I’ve just done little bits of organic social stuff here and there. What I refuse to do is clickbait. We’ve got some great articles from some excellent writes and I want the content to speak for itself. But I think it’s time to give it a little nudge.

There’s a button that pops up on Facebook that says ‘boost your post’. You can spend as little as a fiver to get a post seen by something like 3700 people. I’m considering doing that on Facebook, and something similar on Twitter.

For just over a tenner I could conceivably get a post seen by just under ten thousand people. Of course that doesn’t equate to ten thousand clicks onto the magazine (I can honestly say that I’ve never clicked on an advert that I saw on Facebook or Twitter) but it seems like a smart way to start.

I’ve heard from various creators that going from 100k to 1 million subscribers is easy compared to going from 1 subscriber to 100 subscribers. I guess that’s parallel to my situation.

What I am happy with is that it is attracting new contributors. After each issue comes out I get contacted by a new person wanting to be involved. And that just adds their audience/followers to our shared-network of accessible people.

I know that I need to just be more upfront, outgoing and pushy in the way I promote it.

Until tomorrow, but I don’t like to be a pain, y’know?



You can read this month’s issue of Feed Magazine at, to read all of the previous issues head to


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