June 30th 2017

Today I cooked leg of lamb for the first time. Alice has friends round this weekend, so I had to fend for myself tonight. I popped into M&S on the way back from work and had a look round for something to cook to treat myself. I considered steak, but decided on lamb.

Alice doesn’t like lamb, so I’ve never cooked it before. I picked up a 600g leg of lamb, some parmentier potatoes and tenderstem broccoli. It was one of those “dinner for two for a tenner” things except it was dinner for me for a tenner. You better believe that I ate all of that lamb by myself.


I can’t take too much credit for it, because you literally just chuck it in the oven for forty minutes and it comes out looking like this.

I want to eat it again just looking at it. Dear lord it was so good.


I didn’t want to make any kind of sauce to go with it because I just wanted to taste all of the meat, but I did accompany it with a little bit of mint sauce, because you can’t have lamb without mint sauce, really.

It could only have been better if I’d barbecued it, but it was raining all evening so I didn’t bother.

693g of lamb for one dinner. That’s the good stuff.

Until tomorrow, that’s the real good stuff.


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