July 7th 2017

Today was my work’s summer party, and I spent most of the night playing Connect Four. About a year ago, I finished my first week at my first job at my first summer party, drinking to overcome the anxiety, and throwing up in the bushes. This year I stayed relatively sober because I spent most of the night playing connect four.


When I got there and saw there was a large lawn game version of connect four I was ready to take everybody on. If you’re a consistent reader of this blog you may remember six weeks ago when I played Connect Four into the dark hours of the night. (here) I was pretty confident, but I shouldn’t’ve been. Apparently I’m really not as good as I thought I was. Either that or I was just a lot more drunk (drunker?) than I thought I was.

I lost a lot. That was uncomfortable. I didn’t expect to lose a lot. It really annoyed me that I lost a lot.

In classic me fashion, I continued playing until I won.

CJ, my main opponent, commented ‘I didn’t know you were so competitive‘ and I explained to him what I’ve explained many times on this blog: I’m only competitive when I think I have a chance of winning. I can fully accept when someone is better than me at something, but I can’t accept when I could win but don’t. And I knew that I could beat him, and I knew that I was better than I was playing, but I kept losing.

I blame Vodka.

(oh also, I learned that a Vodka + Orange Juice is called a ‘screwdriver’) 

I did beat him two or three times (it was two) but only because of his momentary lapses in concentration, not by me outplaying him or forcing him to lose. So it doesn’t really count. I’ve also challenged him to a game of Chess on Monday, so we’ll see how that goes.

I was reasonably drunk, but not drunk enough to excuse my horrible Connect Four playing.

Oh, also, I got told that I look like Deirdre Barlow from Coronation Street.

Until tomorrow, that was fun.



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