July 8th 2017

Today I did a load of my favourite things. I bought six All Saints tshirts, I had halloumi for lunch, I went to the cinema (Baby Driver), and then I had steak (and halloumi) for dinner.

Today was a good day.

The All Saints at Gloucester Quays is an outlet store, and there was a 30% off sale, so I bought six tshirts for £60. I can’t turn down those prices.


All of the (dozen or so) All Saints tshirts I currently own are black, white or grey, so I went for a bit of colour and got three tshirts that have at least a bit of red in. Adventurous. I also bought an ‘oversized’ tshirt, which is a fashion trend by which I am not yet convinced. I’m also not convinced that the tshirt looks good on me, but it was eight pound so I just bought it anyway.


I made a pledge not to wear it to work or to family gatherings, lest someone tell me my tshirt is too big for me.

We then went to Chimichangas for lunch. I was so distracted by the first three words in ‘chorizo and halloumi salad‘ that I didn’t pay attention to the last word, but I ate the salad anyway.IMG_0204.JPG


And then, the real purpose of our trip to Gloucester: Baby Driver.


I was really quite anxious going into the film, because I had such high expectations, and usually when I watch a film with such high expectations, the only outcome is disappointment. If it’s been built up so much, it’s a lot easier to disappoint than to succeed.

It didn’t disappoint. It’s really really good.

The way Edgar Wright makes films is just an art form in and of itself, and Baby Driver felt like a whole new genre. The opening 20 minutes was just… cinematic, choreographed, harmonic, charming perfection. It was music and cinema. Every minute (read ‘my-newt’) detail of each sequence filled me with awe. It’s just complete mastery of cinema. It’s so so good.

Of course, the entire film couldn’t be like that opening twenty minutes, but it kept throwing it back every now and then.

In the same way that La La Land took on the musical genre, Baby Driver elevated the car chase genre. The story is every car chase story, and the chases are all stunts we’ve seen before, but the added layer of music and choreography turns it into a whole new artform. It’s beautiful.

I wish I knew more of the songs, but I think that’s the failing of me, not of the film.

In the evening, I cooked steak and halloumi on the barbecue.


Until tomorrow, what a day.




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