July 13th 2017

Today I ignored the ‘there’s no racing in training’ advice from my running coach. Most Thursdays we go to the track for a speed session, and along with a repetition of ‘you need to use your arms’ the coach is always sure to tell us that its not a race, and that you shouldn’t race in training.

I usually choose to ignore that advice. Particularly today. If you pay attention to this blog daily, you’ll have noticed that my ego has had a tough few days. In the space of three days I lost to my work colleagues at Connect Four (repeatedly) a 10k race and a game of chess. It’s been rough.

So, at the track today with four people from work, I kinda sorta had to win. I just had to. And I did. Over 400m and over 200m. They’ll say that it didn’t count because they weren’t going for it 100%, but I’m okay with that. I just needed a win at something. They’re all better than me over middle distances, but I can sprint. My 400m was 65 seconds, which is my second fastest time, and the 200m was 34 seconds, which is actually slower than it should be. I still won though. Even if no one else was racing. I still won.

You’re not supposed to race in training because it doesn’t actually do you any good. Although we’re doing 400/300/200 metre efforts, that’s not what we’re training for. 400 metres at high intensity and then a lap recovery, then a 300 metre sprint then a lap recovery etc puts you in different heart rate zones and improves your VO2 max lung capacity.

Or something.

So you’re supposed to run the 400metres at your 5k pace. Which for me would be at 4:30 min/km. But I ran it at 2:30 min/km. If I kept up 2:30 min/km over 5k I’d just about break the world record.


So, I don’t optimise my training sessions. But for me, the track is about having fun. I enjoy burnout sprinting, and going as fast as I possibly can, because shortly thereafter you get to sit down and have a break for a couple of minutes. That’s a fun kind of running.

Until tomorrow, none of this 5 hour marathon bullshit…



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