July 17th 2017

Today my car insurance just kinda renewed without my knowledge. I got an email from my insurance company saying ‘thanks for renewing your car insurance’ and I was like… that’s the first I’ve heard about it! Except, it’s probably not the first time I’ve heard about it. I’m sure that they emailed me t– in fact, yep, I just checked and they did email me to tell me that my renewal was coming up.

That’s probably the kind of email I should read. Since I moved into my own home I’m learning that a lot of adulthood is about paying bills. In fact, in my opinion, a disproportionate amount of adulthood is paying bills. Alright fair enough, the actually paying bit is easy because it just comes out of your bank account every month (assuming there’s enough money in there). But the bit that takes all the effort is like, sorting it all out in the first place and shit.

I got a pretty good deal on my car insurance last year because I took the time to shop around a bit. I remember the day actually, weirdly. I was sat in Cafe Nero and I phoned up my previous insurer to cancel my policy so I could move it over to a new one I’d found. I remember thinking that that was a weirdly big deal for me. In previous years my Mum had just sorted it out for me (thanks Mum) but then it got to a point where she wanted me to look after my own stuff. Fair enough, I guess.

It was before I started my new job, so I had time to commit to looking around for the best deal and everything. When I moved into my house I looked around for the best energy prices and internet prices and everything. (Although, 10 months with TalkTalk has taught me that ‘best prices’ is not always a good idea when it comes to internet).

But now I’m at the point where I’m just happy for that to all to just tick along in the background and not have to worry about it anymore. We’ve had shitty internet for two weeks and other than slide into TalkTalk’s Twitter DMs, I’ve not gone to the trouble of trying to sort it out. I feel like I could probably get a better deal if I tried. I could probably get a better deal on my energy tariff too and for fuck sake I’ve just remembered that I was supposed to submit my meter readings last year aND THIS ADULTHOOD THING IS SO ANNOYING. THERE’S SO MUCH ADMIN. argggggg

Yes James, adults have to pay bills,” you’re probably thinking. And I’m fine with that. The money can keep coming out of my account, no problem, it’s a necessity for living. It’s just the admin that annoys me. There’s so much fucking admin. Which is why things like this happen and I end up just auto-renewing my car insurance even though it’s possible and probable for me to get a better deal elsewhere. I just can’t be arsed with it all.

Until tomorrow, Martin Lewis would have a fucking heart attack.



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