July 21st 2017

Today I got bored of the traffic so I tried to take a shortcut home. As I’ve come to expect from myself, I got a little bit lost. I ended up on a motorway heading north, when I live in the countryside headed south.

I’m stretching the truth here a bit, but that’s basically what happened. I finished work, got in my car, and started to drive the same route home that I’ve been driving twice a day, five times a week for the last year. Every day there’s traffic going in, and going out. And it gets annoying. And monotonous. And you don’t even realise you’re driving sometimes. You kind of zone out and go into autopilot and an hour later you get home and don’t have any recollection of driving because it kinda just happens without your control.

That’s less dangerous than it sounds.

Today I fancied mixing it up a bit. Getting a change of scenery. This morning I took a shortcut into work that actually turned out to be an effective shortcut (cheers, Steve) and this evening, on the way home, I ended up getting kind of lost – except with my Apple maps directing me, I could never really be lost. It just ended up taking longer than it would’ve otherwise taken.

I feel like there is a possible shortcut, I’ve just not found it yet, nor do I have the sense of direction to be able to find it. Every day I go in there is traffic, and every day I drive home there is traffic. It just gets boring. I try to entertain myself with podcasts, but I’ve caught up with everything I want to listen to.

It’s the traffic that really annoys me. I don’t mind that it takes me an hour to get to work, because it gets me up early and I can learn some shit from some podcasts, but going up and down on the clutch and accelerator and having to stop and start just really annoys me. Especially when it’s bumper to bumper.


(I of course apologise for the photo I took whilst in the car. Kids, you should never use your phone and rive. But you can see from my speedometer that I was doing literally zero miles per hour so technically I wasn’t driving okay officer? And I needed a featured image to go with this blog post, so I had to take one okay officer?)

Until tomorrow, I hate traffic and I have a shitty sense of direction.



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