July 22nd 2017

Today I took Alice to the driving range. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type. For the entire nine years that we’ve been together I’ve wanted to go to the driving range with her. I’ve suggested it before, but she never seemed keen. I brought it up yesterday, and she said okay! Excellent.

I wanted it to be like those super romantic scenes in movies (Zac Efron in High School Musical 2 springs to mind) where the guy teaches the girl how to swing a club and it’s all cute and flirty and that, but it turned out that she was actually pretty good so I didn’t really need to teach her. She does call golf clubs ‘golf sticks’, though. Bless.

It’s a pretty decent swing, to be fair to her:

It was fun, mainly because we’ve never done it before. Nine years in and we’re still finding new things to do. Maybe golf will become a shared interest and we can start playing 18 holes together every weekend! Somehow though, I doubt that.

One interest we do share though is food. We came home from golf, made a mezze board feast of meats and cheeses (including halloumi), and settled down for another of our shared interests: Watching Harry Potter Films Back To Back Until We Fall Asleep.

Until tomorrow, today was a really good day.



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