July 23rd 2017

Today I played golf for the fourth time in a week. It’s getting a bit serious now. I’ve already booked in to play next weekend as well. Summer is golf season, so it’s hard not to. I’ve even bought a little machine that allows me to practice putting indoors. FullSizeRender 146.jpg

I played with my cousin today, and he’s taking golf pretty seriously at the moment too. At the end of 18 holes we were dead even on score. We both shot 90, and walked away with a share of the winnings (we didn’t win anything, only pride). 

I don’t think I’m the kind of guy that can go round the course by myself, so it’s good that I’ve got someone to go with. The problem with golf is that, at £20 a round, it’s so bitching expensive. I’ve always said that the beauty of football is in its simplicity. You just show up somewhere with a football and you can play, for free, for as long as you want. Golf is an expensive hobby, and a really frustrating one at times.

Today was good though. We both played well, which makes it a far more enjoyable afternoon. And the scorecard was good to us.

There are three ways of scoring in golf, match play, stroke play and stableford. I won the stableford, he won the match play, and we were dead even on strokes.

Until tomorrow, next week is the decider.



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