July 28th 2017

Today I was determined not to repeat a mistake I made last year. In November, there was a food festival around the corner from my work, and I went over there for lunch. I ended up disappointed and overcharged because I just bought the first thing I saw that looked good. I wrote about it here: /haste.

The food festival is back this weekend and this year, I’m a much more patient(ish) man(ish), and I looked around for a solid ten minutes before I made my decision. I think that was moreso to do with the fact that none of it looked particularly great, rather than me being more patient in my decision making. Well, it looked good, just not £9.50 for a beef burger good.


In the end, I spent £9.50 on a beef burger. But, it was a beef burger with bacon, halloumi and pesto, so I could kind of justify it.

Actually, no I can’t. £9.50 is mental, but I was hungry and they had halloumi, so, what’s a guy to do?


I’ve only had fried halloumi as a snack before – never actually in anything, and I can confirm that, much like bacon, adding halloumi to something is a surefire way to make that something 10 times better.

The burger was good. Pesto is good. Bacon is good. Halloumi is God. So I’m much more pleased with my decision than I was last year.

Look at me, with all this personal growth and shit. I can now successfully order lunch without fucking it up. What a way I’ve come. Go me. Last year I was disappointed and overcharged, this year I was just overcharged – and slightly underfed. For £9.50 I want it to come with chips, but chips were an extra £6 and I’m not that much of a maniac.

Until tomorrow, be more patient.



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