July 29th 2017

Today we went to Cotswold Farm Park to visit the animals.

There were donkeys.


And ducks.


And three horned sheep.


And a sheep with more of an emo fringe than 14 year old me.


And a stack of 10 day old piglets.

FullSizeRender 148.jpg

It was both very easy and very difficult for me to dissociate the animals we saw with the food we eat.

When you see a rasher of bacon in a Tesco packet, it doesn’t resemble an animal. And seeing the piglets like that didn’t look like food, but one day they will be. I’m kind of okay with that, because I like bacon, but they were also very cute.

I held a little chick in my hands and it fell asleep and it was fucking hecka cute.


And then I went home and had chicken wrapped in bacon for dinner. Sorry pal, I know we bonded in that short time we spent together, but a man’s gotta eat. I should say ‘it does make it slightly more difficult to stomach’, but it really doesn’t. Being human is great compared to being a chicken.

We went to a sheep show and they basically just got nine different breeds of sheep up on stage and pointed out which one tasted the best (the Dorset one). I had lamb in my curry on Thursday night as well.

I do like animals, but I couldn’t be a vegetarian. I don’t like vegetables enough and I like meat too much, so you can see why that would be problematic. I’d just have to live off pasta and cheese. Although I guess cheese is a somewhat questionable product ethically. And if I had to live without lamb AND halloumi then I’m not sure there would be any point.

Also, there’s this picture of Alice. It’s not at all relevant to this post but I just thought she looked pretty and I wanted to share it.


Until tomorrow, too much cute.



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