August 3rd 2017

Today I began seven years of bad luck. Alice got home after work and found that the mirror in our living room had fallen off the wall and smashed all over the coffee table, fireplace and carpet.

We’re not entirely sure how it happened. The hook was still in the wall, and the string that was holding it up was still completely intact and taut. I’ve decided it was either because of a heavy bang against the wall from our neighbours, or it was the poltergeist that fucks with our house sometimes.

The poltergeist does seem to have an affinity for sharp things; we’re missing the third largest knife from our kitchen knife set.

Fortunately, it’s only really the mirror that’s broken. It landed on the coffee table so I’d expected there to be broken or chipped wood, but there’s one scratch and that’s about it. It wasn’t fun to clean up.


I told her to wait until I got home, but Alice tried to clean it up anyway. She cut her hand of the glass, and then she decided to wait for me to get back.

My problem now is that I don’t really know what I can do with it. The small glass shards can probably just go in the bin, but what am I supposed to do with this thing?


By design, the mirror is one central mirror with like 40 shards of mirrors around the outside. A load of the small bits are broken too. I’m hoping it all just counts as one mirror, and I don’t get seven years of bad luck for each individual mirror that broke. That would pretty much do me in until the day that I die. That’d suck.

Although maybe, because I didn’t technically break the mirror, then I don’t get the bad luck. It just fell off the wall when no one was in (or so Alice tells me, at least). Maybe the poltergeist gets the bad luck. Ha, fuck you, Peeves.

Either way, I now have to go buy a new mirror.

Until tomorrow, I guess by the fact that it broke, that my bad luck has already begun.



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