August 5th 2017

Today I got the train to Cardiff for opening night of the Philharmonic. The step-dad of one of my best mates (Josh) owns the place, so we’ve been treated like royalty all night. Our waitress was nervous to serve us. That was a weird feeling. 

She was scared about serving the boss’ son, but in reality we’re just five daft peasants from Swindon. She didn’t know that though. 

I’m a mess of a human and I’m the one that ended up ironing all of our shirts. 

I love Cardiff. I love being back here. 

As soon as I got off the train it was bouncing. There’s so many people but everyone’s just here to have a good time. 

We got given wristbands that basically guarantee that I don’t have to get my wallet out all night. 

He’s a good guy to know, Josh. And a good guy full stop. His aim is to ensure that we’re all having a good night.

Until tomorrow, and we always do. 



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