August 6th 2017

Today finishes a hectic week. I’ve been out doing something five out of seven nights this week and I’m knackered. I got back home this afternoon from a spontaneous weekend in Cardiff and just fell asleep for three hours. The last seven days has exhausted me.

I’m now looking forward to doing nothing all of next week. As a rule I generally like to keep myself busy, and I hate missing out on things, which is why I couldn’t say no to a weekend in Cardiff to top off a busy week. But sometimes I need quiet times, y’know? I need to sleep and I need to sleep and I need to not do anything. I know that I’ll get angry at myself and give myself a hard time for not doing anything, but I’m just absolutely exhausted recently.

It doesn’t help that I seem incapable of sleeping in past seven o’clock. Even today… I got in at 3ish last night, went to sleep at 4ish, and still woke up before seven. Because I’m so used to my alarm going off for work every day, I seem to have trained myself to wake up before seven. It’s really annoying. Really annoying.

Until tomorrow, I just want to sleep.


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