August 7th 2017

Today Alice decided she’s going vegan for a month. After another visit to the doctor ended in her being told that there’s nothing that they can do to treat her chronic stomach pain, she decided to radically change her diet. She’s had scans and tests and scans and tests but they’re still no closer to finding out what’s wrong with her. They’re ruled a load of stuff out, but haven’t really ruled anything in. 

So, because the doctors couldn’t help she turned to the dietician. She’s going to try a completely clean, completely vegan diet for the next 28 days in a bid to detoxicate (is that a word?) her body. Because Alice does all the cooking in our house that means that for the next 28 days I will also be on a completely clean, completely vegan diet except I’m gonna have chicken with every meal and she isn’t. So, I’ll be almost vegan, but only between the hours of 6pm and 10pm. Unless I fancy a late night bowl of cereal or something. So really I’m only vegan at dinner time. Except for the chicken.

I’m not particularly looking forward to it, but to be fair some of the meals sound alright, and I just wanna do what I can to help her, because no one else seems to be able to. I might also have to start doing yoga. I’ll be an Instagram model doing brand deals and selling herbal tea and protein shakes in no time.

We went and did the biggest of big weekly shops. We even spread it out over two supermarkets. My fridge has A) never been so full and B) never seen so much fruit and veg.


The only meat in that fridge is four rashers of streaky bacon that I am going to have to carefully ration.

To be fair, I tend to eat whatever is put in front of me, because the alternative is going hungry. I come home from work every day and dinner is on the table, so I can’t complain about what ends up on the table. But I do draw the line at swede. I fucking hate swede . Also, I hate mashed potato. Also, I fucking hate swede mash.


So we bought just a fuckload of fruit and vegetables to begin the clean, vegan diet. Except for the Pizza. That was for tonight. Pizza and Garlic bread for one final cheat night.

Until tomorrow, the diet starts tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Vegan

  1. A few weeks ago I decided to cut back on meat and dairy. I’ve tried a few different recipes with tofu, some were good, some were not. Last night I made Tofu Lasagna Roll Ups and they were delicious. My eight year old even liked them! If you find any good recipes let us know. 🙂


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