August 15th 2017

Today I signed all the documents for my new car, so I guess that makes it official. I had to go into the dealership, shake a man’s hand, write my signature down three times, commit four years of my life to their finance package, shake a man’s hand again and leave.

That seems an awfully high level of commitment for a guy whose Mum still makes his sandwiches.


I’m only being partly sarcastic with that. It’s technically true. After I signed the documents I went round my Mum’s house to see her, and I ended up staying for dinner (because I asked her to make me dinner). And then, a bit later on, she went into the kitchen and said “Do you want me to make you some sandwiches to take to work tomorrow?” 

To begin with, as a reflex, I said no. But then I thought about it for all of three seconds and said “Actually yes please.” Because, even though I’ve got a big boy job, my own big boy house, and now my own big boy car, I’m not too proud to take my Mum’s homemade sandwiches into work with me.

And sandwiches always taste better when they’re made by Mum. (But not as good as Grandma’s – I actually dedicated an entire blog post to Grandma’s sandwiches) 

So I now have a job, a house, and a car. That feels significant. I’m 24 next month, so I guess I’m getting old. I feel like I’m kind of doing life properly.

Until tomorrow, even if my Mum still makes me sandwiches.



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