August 16th 2017

Today we packed for V Festival this weekend. It’s the first time we’ve had to get the big backpacks out since we got back from travelling Europe in 2015. Thinking about it, we actually left for travelling exactly two years and two days ago. That’s depressing.

We took those backpacks all over Europe with us as we hopped on and off trains and visited 13 countries in 3 months. Now we’re using them for a camping weekend in Surrey. Admittedly, I’m reasonably excited for the festival, but it’s not quite the same thing, is it?

We’ve packed up the car with tents, sleeping bags, deck chairs and lots and lots of hooded sweatshirts because, let’s be honest, it’s camping in the English countryside. And even though we’re in August, it’s going to be cold.

The thought of the festival is already exhausting me. I don’t like standing still, and from my previous experiences with music festivals a lot of it is just standing still. And there’s all the hassle of getting there, setting up the tent… y’know. Once we’re there and we’re settled it will be alright as long as I just move around a bit.

The only other time I’ve camped at a music festival was in Lisbon, Portugal, and I expect my sleeping arrangements will be somewhat different this time around. I’ve been told that I don’t quite yet understand just how cold it’s going to be. Alice told me to pack PJs and I just got some tracksuit shorts and an old tshirt out. Apparently I’ll need thermals, long johns, hoodies, jumpers — the lot.

In Portugal I think I slept without a tshirt because it was too warm in our little tent.

Until tomorrow, I don’t think that will happen in Surrey.



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