August 17th 2017

Today I’m having an early night because I’m going to be in a tent for the next four days, so I need to get a good night’s sleep. We’re off to V Festival, and we’re camping. The weather forecast says that it’s going to be a sunny, reasonably warm, and dry weekend so you can bet your mortgage that it’s going to rain all weekend.

Because I’m going to be at a music festival all weekend, with late nights, a not unreasonable amount of alcohol, and a weird sleeping pattern, I cannot guarantee the quality or coherency of these blog posts over the next few days.

I’ll still post a blog of some kind every day — because I’m now 959(!!) consecutive days of blog posts without missing one — it just… won’t be my best work. There might be a couple of cool photos though, so that’s worth, what, a couple thousand words?

So, I need to get as much rest in as I can in the next 12 hours because for the 84 or so hours that follow waking up tomorrow morning are going to be knackering.

Until tomorrow, I’m exhausted already.



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