August 18th 2017

Today we’re at V Festival in Essex. We left home at 9 this morning and drove the three and a bit hours to get here (via Aldi).

All of the way here it was sunny and warm, and then we got here and the clouds soon came.

What I did not anticipate about a British festival is the walking. We parked up, unpacked the car and began the first trip. It was so far. And so far. And really far. I had a tent on my back, a crate of beer in one hand, and a rucksack in the other. It was so far. It was probably a fifteen minute walk between the car and the camping plot.

And we had to do the trip twice. Three times.

We got to th plot and set up the tent as quick as we could  to get in before the rain. And then Aaron and I left to get the rest of the stuff from the car.

When everything was set up, and the sun came back out, we had a barbecue. Of course we had a barbecue. 

Of course I am as in charge.

I was desperately upset to discover that we didn’t bring any halloumi.

After food (and drink) we made our way to the festival arena. We just followed the noise and the lights for 25 minutes. There’s so much walking involved. I wasn’t prepared for this. 

We went down reasonably late, and the festival doesn’t actually start until tomorrow, so tonight was only a warm up night with dance acts.

The only notable thing to mention about Annie Mac’s set was the spelling mistake in the pre-show trigger warning.

Until tomorrow, it starts properly tomorrow.



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