August 19th 2017

    Today is day one of V festival. Or day two if you count yesterday. Which I do. So today was day two of V Festival. It was a very long day. 

    I started it super keen to get into the festival spirit, and got Alice to give me a sleeve of temporary tattoos. The fiery skull is my favourite. 

    I even let her put glitter on my face. A decision I would later come to regret, when I forgot that I had glitter on my face, rubbed my eyes, and ended up with glitter under my eyelids. That wasn’t fun. 

    For me, the musical highlight of the day was seeing George Ezra again. 

    The overall highlight of the day was finding a fresh halloumi and chorizo burger stand. I almost emptied my entire wallet there and then. 

    Definite lowlight of the day was ending up by myself for an hour. I went to get a coffee and couldn’t get back through the crowd for Sean Paul. 

    I actually ended up with two coffees, which is kind of the reason I needed up by myself. The first coffee I bought advertised itself as a cappuccino, but definitely wasn’t, it was dish water with a coffee bean in it. 

    So I binned that one and had to go and find a decent coffee. I was getting grumpy and needed coffee more than life. 

    In the end, I got a lovely flat white from the Vegetarian Falafel stand. I’ve always said that vegetarians are wonderful people. 

    I’m hoping that all of the accompanying photos have loaded, but I’m not expecting them to, so this blog is possibly quite incoherent without them. Sorry about that. 

    Day two/day three/final day is tomorrow. 

    Until tomorrow, night noght. 



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