August 20th 2017

Today was the final day of V Festival, and it was the best day of the lot. We learnt from our mistakes yesterday and didn’t bother rushing to make the 12pm band (sorry, Scouting for Girls). That gave us a lot more time to chill at the campsite. And meant that the rest of the day didn’t feel as long. 

The main thing I was looking forward to today was seeing The Wombats. I’ve always wanted to see the wombats, and they’re basically the only reason I wanted to come to this festival. 

Alice and I made sure we were right at the front. It was the first time I’ve been that close to an act at a gig. It’s wild down the front. 

One guy got dragged over the barrier because we got caught pissing. The security guards swarmed him, and ejected him. 

Two minutes later he came back, and got ejected again. You see some things down the front, let me tell you. 

The Wombats were great though. I was just upset that they didn’t play a load of songs. But it’s a festival, and a forty minute set, so I’ll have to go see them at their own two hour gig some time. 

We stayed down the front for Dizzee Rascal, and that was dangerous. There was lots of bouncing and pushing and one guy got evicted for fighting. 

You see some things down the front, let me tell you. 

The Sunday headliner was Jay Z, and I wasn’t overly excited about that prospect, but I think I’d kind of overlooked just how many absolute bangers Jay Z has. I think I forget because they’re usually “feat. Jay Z”. 

He did Fellas In Paris and 99 Problems fairly early on, and they’re like his two biggest hits so I was wondering what he’d end the set with. 

because Chester Bennington from Linkin Park died not long ago, I was really hoping Jay Z was going to do Numb (encore), and he did. He ended with it. 

It was beautiful, and made me a bit emotional. For an encore he did Forever Young, with the stage lights down low, and the only illumination being torches from the crowd. 

I didn’t expect the set to be as good as it was. It was very good. Especially the last two songs, as a tribute to Chester. 

Until tomorrow, let us die young or let us live forever. 



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