August 21st 2017

Today I drove home from Essex and then spent the rest of the day in bed eating pizza. I’ve spent the last three nights in a tent at V Festival, and although I’ve slept pretty well each night I’m still knackered. In fact, I slept so well last night that I apparently slept through the couple in the tent next to us going through the early stages of a rather loud and public divorce.

It kept everyone else up all night. Apparently they spent the entire night shouting abuse and threats at each other, but I missed that. I was tired. I’m still tired.

We had to wake up early, pack the tent up, pack the car up and make the four hour drive home to the west country. Somehow, even though it’s all I’ve been thinking about for the last three days, I’ve not been to sleep since we got home.

As well as the disturbed sleep, three days of alcohol and shitty food has made me feel like crap. I tried to eat as well as I could whilst we were in a field, but it’s hard. My rule was to only order food that was cooked fresh, rather than to grab the noodles or pasta that sit out all day. And even though all I am craving is roasted vegetables and lots and lots of broccoli, we ended up ordering a pizza for dinner because we really, really couldn’t face the thought of cooking.

So that’s how I ended up in Pizza Express, on a Monday evening, wearing shoes that did not match.


Until tomorrow, I am a broken man.



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