August 23rd 2017

Today I picked up my new car. It’s a 2016 998cc 82bph Ford Fiesta Zetec EcoBoost in Deep Impact Blue. I’ve written all that down because I know one day, five years from now, my Grandad is going to ask me for all of that information and I want to be prepared. He still reminds me of the first car he ever bought: a 1965 Austin Mini Cooper S. I even know its registration and the miles it had on the clock when he bought it.

This is the first car I’ve ever bought. My car until now, my first car, was bought for me by my parents for my 18th (?) birthday. I turn 24 next month, so I’ve not got a bad return out of it. I’ve just realised I’ll likely never see that car again now, because it’s being sent off to be scrapped. That’s a bit sad.

My dad got a BMW 318 for his 40th birthday, and not long after he eventually sold it, we saw it driving around town. I can even remember where we were when we saw it. We were at the roundabout before the leisure centre. I think. For some reason, I have a really vivid memory of that happening, but now I’ve written it down I’m worried I imagined it.

I won’t see my old car driving around town, because it’s being pillaged for parts. May he rest in pieces.

I had a mixed bag of emotions before, and during, picking the car up. Nerves, apprehension, excitement, overwhelmedness (not a word). It’s a big commitment. And a scary one. It’s a four-year financial commitment, and a lot more responsibility. Scary.

I became excited the first time I got to drive it by myself. I drove it back from the dealership with my Mum in the passenger seat, and had the sudden feeling that I was on my driving test again. When I was alone in it, I relaxed and began to enjoy it (whilst staying completely under the national speed limit, of course).

I need to figure out where the power band of the engine is, because that’s a question my Grandad is going to ask me too. I’m not even sure I understand what a power band is, but I won’t make the mistake of asking again. I think it’s like, the optimal revs at which you are supposed to change gear to get the quickest acceleration. Or something.

That’s kind of in contrast to my reasons for buying the car. It’s super economical so it does like 60 miles to the gallon (another question he’s going to ask me), so changing gear at 5,000 revs probably isn’t going to get the best out of a tank of fuel.

Because I’m commuting an hour to and from work every day, I wanted a car for comfort, not for performance. I wanted bluetooth radio, and a sat nav.

Until tomorrow, anything else was a bonus.


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