August 27th 2017

Today I’m basically falling asleep on the sofa at a family barbecue. I’m running on two hours sleep, and a stinking hangover. I went to sleep at 6:15am last night. It was bright out. 

For some as yet undiscovered reason we stayed up until 6am to watch a boxing match. Fucking time zones. And, because it was basically fucking day time outside and the curtains in my mate’s bedroom did such a poor job of keeping the sun out, I still woke up at just gone 8am. 

Fourteen hours later, after two hours sleep at the end of a twenty two hour day, I’m exhausted. I’m the designated driver at this family BBQ so I have to stay up, sober, until people are ready to go home. To be fair, they keep telling me to go have a quick power nap, but I feel like that’s against the rules. 

On the plus side, there was a plate of halloumi. (Unfortunately, I had to share it) 

In a way, I feel like recovering from the hangover would be easier if I were drunk, but I’m also really glad that I’m not. 

I also think that recovering from the hangover would be easier if I could just sleep for the next twenty to twenty four days. On the plus side, it’s a bank holiday tomorrow so i can probably get a solid sixteen hours sleep. 

Until tomorrow, that’s exactly what I plan to do.


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