August 30th 2017

Today I’m still exhausted and running on barely any sleep. Last night I got about 3/4 hours, compared to 2/3 hours the night before. So, that’s progress at least. By next weekend I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled sleep pattern. Hopefully.

I played football last night too. And that exhausted me. I haven’t been for a run in a couple of weeks and I could just feel that my level of fitness had dropped. So when I got into bed I was extra tired. But… nope.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I get into bed at normal time, lie down, close my eyes, and… Nope. Nothing. It’s like I think to myself “You’re not going to be able to get to sleep here,” and then I don’t get to sleep. It’s annoying. I’m gonna try again and if it doesn’t work then I’m gonna snort a line of Nytol before bed tomorrow — or whatever you do with it.

My Dad always sprays his pillows with lavender before bed when he can’t sleep. Maybe I should try that. Any idea where I can find lavender/what lavender even is?

Although I’m not a particularly high-functioning human being at the moment, I’m enjoying reading again. I started a new book today. The main character dies in the first paragraph, which is certainly one way of grabbing the reader’s attention.

As I lay awake, I’m trying not to spend too much time on my phone, because of that ‘blue screen phenomena’ that I read about one time. Apparently all social media apps like Twitter and Facebook are predominantly blue in colour because a blue screen keeps you awake and makes you addicted, or something. It also engages your brain more which makes it harder to sleep, which means you spend more time on social media, which means you consume more of their adverts, which means… you get the idea.

So, I’m now trying to read a bit before bed. Which isn’t a particularly good way of disengaging one’s brain — especially with a book about the afterlife — but it’s better for me than Twitter.

On the plus side, if this difficulty sleeping persists then I’m going to get a LOT of reading done.

Until tomorrow, count sheep.


2 thoughts on “Blue

  1. My son has trouble falling asleep, we were told by a few people to try Melatonin (it’s natural supplement can find at any drug store) and it works amazingly. I was shocked! Our bodies naturally produce it, but some people don’t produce enough. Lavender is a flower, the essential oil is derived from that, so it’s also natural, and smells nice. You should be able to find that also at the drug store, perhaps in the personal care products section? Hope that helps!


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