August 31st 2017

Today I treated myself and cooked rack of lamb. When Alice is out for the night I always try to cook something for dinner that I know that she doesn’t like. So, on the way home from work I stopped off at the supermarket and filled up a basket with treats.

FullSizeRender 152.jpg I was honestly stood in the meat section for about 10 minutes trying to decide between lamb chops and rack of lamb. The lamb chops were cheaper, but that’s not always a good thing. It means you don’t get as much meat, and the quality isn’t as good. The rack of lamb weighed more, but that includes bones so you’re never sure how much meat you get.

Eventually, I went for the rack.



To start with, I salted, peppered, and oiled a baked potato then chucked it into the oven at 190 degrees for 90 minutes. (Is it still called a ‘baked potato’ before you put it in the oven? Like, it’s not called toast before you put it into the toaster… Anyway)

Then I started cooking halloumi. I’d bought a packet of halloumi for a starter, and yeah, kinda sorta just ate a packet of halloumi as a starter. It was good. I finally found that little kitchen oil brush thing. You know the thing that’s like a paint brush but you use it for oil? That.


With twenty minutes to go on the potato (I must’ve spent a long time eating halloumi and drinking cider) I seasoned the lamb and chucked that in there too. A lick of oil each side with that brush thing, a couple of cranks of salt and pepper, and sprinkles of rosemary was all it needed. And then into the oven at 190 for 20.


Meanwhile, I boiled some tenderstem broccoli because I figured there should be something green on the plate other than the mint sauce.

When the twenty minutes is up, you’re apparently supposed to leave it to rest for as long as you cooked it. So I was supposed to just leave it for another twenty minutes, but that’s not really how I live my life. I covered the meat and (now-)baked potato in some foil and left it for a bit… like five minutes… before dishing up.




I think I nailed it. I’m fairly sure I nailed it. I panicked when I couldn’t find the mint sauce in the fridge, but it was hiding behind the pesto. I then realised that we didn’t have any butter for the baked potato. Shame.

The meat was absolutely banging though. Would’ve preferred the fat to be a bit crispier, but I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to do that. More oil and more heat, I guess.

Until tomorrow, I’m still learning.



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